Clear Your Mind

Training Courses

In Euronda supporting and spreading the culture of protection means also to teach and inform dentists, assistants and operators of dental field about the different aspects of a sensitive and complex process such as the sterilization.
Our courses offer a complete and an inter-disciplinary approach to the topic, both from a procedural, technological and organizational point of view and also from normative and communicational’s one. The ability to comunicate with patients these values is not a competence to disregard.

Following our courses you could better understand important aspects, such as:
. Legal framework of sterilization
. Responsibility of involved operators, importance and guarantees of traceability
. Explanation and focus on the different stages of process with related optimization in the work organization
. Techniques of communication with patient about health advantages of an efficient and guaranteed sterilization

Knowledge is prevention: the ability to choose in an adeguate way, both in technical health field and legislative’s one, the best for patients and for dental clinic.
Knowledge is the time and work optimization, thanks to integrated system Pro System.
Knowledge is also the ability of dentist to comunicate with patient the advantages of a guaranteed and efficient sterilization.

Clear Your Mind International

Training course for a correct process of disinfection and sterilization in the dental practice. (International version)

Clear Your Mind Plus

Training course on legal obligations and procedures for a correct sterilization process. (Italian version)

Clear Your Mind Evolution

Advanced training course on legal obligations, procedures, costs analysis and efficacy for a correct sterilization process. (Italian version)


Clear Your Mind Asepsis

Advanced training course for ancillary dental workers and operating-theatre
assistants which carefully analyses infection risks in a dental practice and teaches the correct
procedure for preparing the surgical field in accordance with asepsis protocols.