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Clear Your Mind International

Course for a correct process of disinfection and sterilization in the dental practice.

Do you know the sterilization process thoroughly? Do you know the legal responsibilities and the procedures to follow for your own safety and that of your patients?

The training course’s objective is to teach auxiliary staff and dental hygienists how to identify the risks they are exposed to in the dental clinic through cross-infection, ensuring at the same time the protection of the patient and the team thanks to a correct process of sterilization in the dental practice.


. Infections transmitted by organic fluids
. Prevention and control through universal precautions
. Prevention and control of infections through general advices
. Waste management
. Current European and national legislation
. Process of cleaning, decontamination and disinfection of instruments: mechanical, physical and chemical methods
. Control and maintenance
. Packing and sealing process
. Process of material sterilization: physical and chemical methods
. Packaging and material storage
. Test to evaluate and verify the validity of the process

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