From over 45 years have been manufacturing products to protect people in both dental and medical environments.

Euronda’s story is made of people and passion, but it is also bets, achievements and new goals.


Euronda is founded by Gino Montagnani in Montecchio Precalcino, in the province of Vicenza (Italy), and it immediately specializes in the production of dental instruments and accessories. At the same year the idea: revolutionize the business introducing a new generation of disposable saliva ejectors in PVC to substitute the metal.

This idea has a resounding success that keeps on growing, and it really puts us on the map. Today, we have become the largest manufacturer of saliva ejectors in the world.


During these years Euronda works to optimize the production processes. Our achievements motivate us to keep raising the bar in terms of quality and product offer, expanding our product range to include: dental compressors, ceiling-mounted lights for dental practices, radiology accessories and surgical aspirator tips.


The 80’s open with a trip in the U.S.A: on the way back Euronda starts to provide disposable towels for Italian and European dental trade. This choice will have important consequences in Euronda’s story. In collaboration with its overseas partners, Euronda founds PaperSun, adding another record in its collection: Euronda is the first company in Europe that produces disposable towels for dental industry.


Between 80’s and 90’s Euronda starts the production of stools, specifically for dental reality, moreover all equipment line is completed and optimized for radiology (dark room, tanks and  x-ray apron). It is during this time that the company re-thinks and reshapes its vision of future business.

From now on, Euronda’s mission is to fight infection and provide dental practices with comprehensive protection by delivering a cutting-edge range of disposable products and devices for the sterilization process: ultrasonic tanks, devices for sealing and rolls, chemiclaves and mdt hydroclaves.


The revolution year with another memorable record: Euronda innovates the technology of thermosealing machines, adding for the first time the heated cartridge instead of the teflon tape. Still today Euroseal 2001 is the best-selling sealing machine in the world with over 100 thousand products on the various markets.


A long and intense internationalization process begins for the company and we found our subsidiary Euronda Deutschland, based in Altenberge. Here we set up a technological Research & Development Centre, which fulfils our need to invest in innovation and technology.


By acquiring the company Biosystem Srl, specialized in manufacturing steam autoclaves, Euronda covers the entire sterilization process and pursues its mission to defeat the risk of contamination.


The multinational Japanese corporation Tokuyama Dental Corporation, the actual institution in dental industry, sees in Euronda the most qualified partner to represent itself in the European trades.

The Tokuyama Dental Corporation of Tokyo and Euronda join forces and enter into a joint venture, founding together Tokuyama Dental Italy whose mission it is to promote and sell Tokuyama products throughout Southern Europe.


The new generation of E9 autoclaves comes out, the first with the Inspection System, the system of inspectionability proudly made by Euronda. These machines are also the first to develop the system of traceability and retraceability  of dates on stickers.


Euronda founds a new branch called Finstar in Saint Petersburg and embarks on the Russian market. In the very same year, Euronda France comes into being. Dedicated to sterilization devices, this vital branch proves to be a decisive move in capturing the demanding French market.

At this point Euronda has expanded its productive capability. The range of disposable products reaches the different requirements of a dental clinic: from saliva ejectors, aprons (with their unique and exclusive embossing) to instant ice. In the same way the sterilization line offers different kind of products for each phase: cleaning, packaging and sterilization.


Tokuyama Dental Corporation of Tokyo and Euronda enter into another joint venture and found Tokuyama Dental Deutschland based in Altemberg.


It’s the year of color! With Euronda Monoart line the disposable becomes colored: saliva ejectors, aspirator tips, towels, aprons, plastic cups… everything is changed. Once again Euronda starts a revolution, introducing a new concept of style and personalization of dentistry which will be followed by all dental companies.


E-line S.r.l. is acquired, a company specialized in flexible packaging for the medical, pharmaceutical and dental industry.


Euronda celebrates its first 40 years!
We draw upon our acquired experience to look to the future under the sign of innovation. 2014 was the year of the first coloured dental chair cover. 2015 saw the invention of the Towel Up! packaging system; a unique system to conserve the hygiene of disposable towels. The next year saw the introduction of the Thermodisinfector Eurosafe 60.


With a brand restyling and product re-structuring, Euronda consolidates both its historic product lines, Monoart and Pro System, as well as introducing a third product line: Euronda Alle. Disposable sterile products for use in dental surgery to prevent cross-contamination, specifically aimed at establishing a safe and sterile surgical field.


Over four decades of growth, experience and success were rewarded with the inauguration of our new Italian headquarters: a modern and exquisitely organised space, spanning 15,000 metres squared. These more efficient headquarters combine and bring together, under a single structure, offices, production units and warehousing, whilst optimising storage space and automated production activities. It is also a place for meetings and discussions, shared growth, with dedicated training spaces, an event area and a showroom, as well as spaces to promote business connections and teamwork.


Euronda acquires Suntec, a company specialising in the production of plastic and paper cups, consolidating its position as the leading European manufacturer of dental cups and increasing its production capacity to 200 million cups per year.


A second production centre is created in Montecchio Precalcino for Eline, a company acquired by Euronda in 2013 and specialised in the production of flexible packaging. This is the last step in a process of efficiency improvement that now includes two production centres: the long-established one in Bergamo and the new production site, close to the Euronda headquarters, with ultra-modern production lines for sterilization rolls that take Eline’s production capacity to 800,000 rolls per year.

And tomorrow?

Our imperatives for the future remain the same: innovation, investment and environmental sustainability. Innovation, to introduce new products and new technologies for all dental professionals, and investment, to achieve the best production processes, always guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and reliability to protect the well-being of people and the environment.

Euronda’s challenge is to be able to combine the experience and charisma acquired in over 45 years with the dynamism and enthusiasm of a continually growing company, capable of interpreting the market and responding promptly to the needs of its customers, with an unceasing focus on protecting people.