5 days at the International Dental Show in Cologne

IDS 2019 log

The 38th edition of International Dental Show – IDS has just come to an end. Every two years in Cologne, this major event welcomes and showcases the best in innovation in the dental sector, and is a benchmark for operators in the sector worldwide.

Euronda was there, with our staff and with an exhibition space of over 180 m2  square metres, to present a preview of all the new products and developments for 2019 and to offer a warm welcome for numerous visitors and customers.

Any self-respecting traveller keeps a log, so here’s a little extract from our diary from the five days in Cologne and the Euronda adventure at IDS 2019.

The show is under way: everybody ready?

Day one: everything’s ready, the new stands have been set up, the products displayed, the lights adjusted, and we’re all here. All of us? Not quite: the last members of staff have had their flight cancelled at the last minute. No problem, there’s a solution: they’ll get here in the evening, after a little change of plan. Landing in Frankfurt and a train to Cologne.

The Euronda exhibition space

As the first visitors start to arrive, the view of the exhibition space is impressive. The large luminous cloud over the stand that shifts gradually from one shade to another is a homage to colour, and it’s a truly eye-catching spectacle. Lots of our guests ask for a photo to remember it by.

But the luminous cloud is just the first of the surprises in store. The three stands dedicated to the three Euronda lines: Monoart, Pro System and Alle immediately catch the visitor’s eye. In just seconds, the Euronda space fills up, with a continual flow that for five days will be keeping the staff busy presenting our products and welcoming visitors.

The Monoart stand is dedicated to colour and the art of presentation; it looks almost like a contemporary art installation, with a striking impact.

From the safety glasses to the disposable cups, from the Towel up! disposable towels to the masks, each product is presented and showcased, perfectly in keeping with the care and attention that are traditionally the hallmarks of Euronda.

The star of the show and a popular attraction with visitors are the new colours in the Monoart collection: Burgundy, with samples of all items presented, and Blu Lagoon, the new colour previewed for the first time here at IDS 2019.

Another very popular feature is the Pro System area, a little temple of technology dedicated to the optimisation and safety of the dental practice. The minimal lines and volumes of the autoclaves, the ultrasonic tanks and the other Euronda devices dedicated to sterilisation operations are all part of a process constantly marked by innovation, ergonomics and design.

Washing, cleaning, packaging and sterilisation: a complete protocol, with all the best machines on display and the new additions to Pro System for 2019: the EXL autoclave, the new line of ultrasonic tanks and the Infinity thermosealing machine.

New contacts, old friends and an unexpected mascot

For five days, the Euronda space has been a meeting point for professionals, sector operators and visitors, anxious for a hands-on opportunity to discover our products.

The Euronda stools proved hugely popular, described as the most comfortable in the whole exhibition centre. A great deal of satisfaction also for the sales force, who met, renewed and managed contacts with meetings and appointments, so many they didn’t have a free moment.

And the Euronda experience at IDS could hardly conclude without a mascot to leave our friends as a souvenir. It goes without saying that the Euronda ducks were a hit at the event, bringing a tongue-in-cheek touch among the autoclaves and ultrasound tanks!

And last but not least: Euronda people!

It’s hard to explain all the hard work that goes into an important event like IDS. And it’s difficult to transmit the emotions and experience it brings with it.

For five days, the large Euronda space has been the company’s window on the world, but it’s also witnessed plenty of encounters, anecdotes and stories. Just a few days after the end of the event in Cologne, we’d like to thank the visitors, our commercial partners, the sector operators and all those who shared this experience with us and helped us make it such a success.

Thank you all, it was an exciting five days!