A lifetime
with Euronda

43 years: a passion that goes back a long way

43 years: a passion that goes back a long way

“I’d just turned 14 when I got taken on, and I’m still here today.” This is the story of Agostino, a long-standing employee and legendary figure in Euronda, with a 43-year career behind him and every intention to keep giving his all.

Taken on in 1977 by Gino Montagnani, who founded the company, Agostino has spent his whole working life with Euronda, witnessing and playing an active part in all the changes, transformations, challenges and successes of the company he considers to all intents and purposes his home and his family. 

Today Agostino is a key figure, well known and admired. He is an example for the company and its employees, from both a personal and professional point of view, in his role as Warehouse and Logistics Manager.

So it was no surprise to find Agostino on the team identified by the management to find the right location for a major new home for Euronda, and to take part in the creation of it. It was this task that in 2018 led to the inauguration of the brand-new, ultra-modern Headquarters, a matter of pride for Agostino, who during the opening celebrations was presented with an award for all his hard work on the project, and indeed throughout his career.

From the early days to the new headquarters

“Back in 1977,” explains Agostino, “Euronda was nothing more than a small warehouse shared with another company in Montecchio Precalcino. Our products were negatoscopes, compressors and trays, but above all saliva ejectors. We produced them, but they were capped by hand by the families in the village.”
Twice a week, the local women would hand in the assembled products and collect others to be assembled. The village and the company worked hand in hand in this on-going process, and to this day, Euronda has maintained this unbreakable bond with the local area where it all began.
At that time, Agostino was in charge of deliveries. “Our aim was to grow, to offer a larger range of products, and we worked hard to obtain a place of our own.”

Less than 10 years later, Euronda expanded, and Agostino continued to be in charge of the warehouse, which had now grown to 400 m2. The amount of deliveries had also risen. The first computers started to arrive, the shelves were all provided with a code, but as always, it was the people who really made the difference.

Today, on the new premises, the warehouse has grown further, employing 16 people to take care of reception, logistics and deliveries. Two automated vertical warehouses have been created. And Agostino is there. After 43 years with Euronda, he still aspires to give his best in terms of management and optimisation. He could be looking forward to his retirement… “That can wait,” he says “my life is here.”

My warehouse today

“Walking into the new premises was a dream come true for me!” Agostino is honest when he says “Euronda has done a great deal for me, but without false modesty, I believe I’ve also done a lot for the company. Today, when I look at the new premises, I feel it’s an achievement I’m a part of.”

“We’ve come a long way,” he admits. He speaks with pride of his warehouse, of all the work carried out, all the actions implemented to make it what it is today.

The two key words are efficiency and safety. Safety comes first. Compliance with standards, protocols and training are essential, but as well as the facilities and the machinery, attention has been paid to rethinking flows, creating separate areas and work lanes that allow staff to work efficiently and in complete safety. And then there’s the other side of the coin: efficiency. The aim was to optimise all the procedures, reduce error margins to zero and speed up processes. Agostino continues:

“We’ve put a lot of work into these aspects, but for me it’s always been essential to also create a pleasant working environment that puts people first. Our aim is to pull together, to create a satisfying work experience for these young people… they’re the ones that are making the company work, and the people we have to focus on to promote a smooth, collaborative environment.”

“In general, there’s still a lot we can do. It’s always possible to improve, so we’ve got to keep on the ball, move fast, and keep a step ahead when we can.”

Euronda is my home

“I’ve been lucky,” explains Agostino. “I’ve had three families: my own, the Montagnani family and the Basso family. First Gino Montagnani, and then Paola Montagnani and Renato Basso, are not only the company management; they’re family, people I can communicate with freely every day.”

The bond that links Agostino to Euronda and the people that are part of it is a very strong one, in both professional and personal terms. 

“This depends not only on me and my story,” he explains. “Despite how much the company has grown, the Euronda approach remains very open, with people willing to listen and take your ideas into consideration at all levels. The owners talk to everyone, and they listen to everyone. This is undoubtedly a major strength.”

Watching the company grow, supporting it during periods of transition, during its biggest challenges, doing his bit to improve it and make it what it is today: this is the story of Agostino’s life. He concludes by saying:

“Let me be clear about this: I just love this company. Euronda has welcomed and supported me since day one. I joined the company as a boy, and I was given the opportunity to develop and achieve. Today, as I walk into the new offices, I can look back on how far the company has come and see the contribution I’ve made to it. I’m especially proud of that and grateful for the opportunity.”

And we can say: thank you, Agostino!

However, we’d also like to thank all those who have worked and those who continue to work every day for Euronda, those who have retired after a 40-year career, and those who’ll be retiring soon.

If in many ways Agostino is something of a record-holder in terms of years of service to Euronda, we should also remember that Mariangela, Francesco and Paolo have, together with many others, recently retired after 40 (or nearly) years’ worth of work. In short, all the people who have devoted themselves to making Euronda what it has become. Thank you.