Make the production more sustainable

Euronda: because Earth is forever

Increasingly committed to making production more sustainable

Here at Euronda we produce disposable materials, and we do it right, with all the quality you’d expect from Italy. Great care goes into every product, from the choice of the raw materials to the production process and the packaging.

Euronda today faces a dual challenge: on the one hand, to offer a 100% guarantee of quality, safety and protection when it comes to producing Medical Devices, and on the other, to respect the planet. This is why we’re committed on a variety of fronts every day:


Green production: we’re the world’s top manufacturer of saliva ejectors, and our production lines are equipped with a system that allows for the recirculation and recycling of 100% of the water used;


Self-produced energy: thanks to our photovoltaic plant, we’re able to produce approx. 198,000 KWh of energy a year – the equivalent of the average yearly consumption of 73 Italian families, with a saving of 105 tonnes a year of Co2 released into the atmosphere (estimates based on average figures provided by the Ministry of the Environment);


100% clean energy: we use energy from renewable sources, especially hydroelectric power plants, thanks to a contract signed with Dolomiti Energia, a long-established company from Trentino specialising in the production and marketing of clean energy. Thanks to the use of certified, 100% renewable energy, Euronda avoids the release of more than 600 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.


Paper: all our products, secondary packaging and over 80% of our primary packaging use paper from certified supply chains (FSC and/or PEFC) that are committed to maintaining our forests;


Plastic: for some time now, we’ve been using plastics free from toxic or mutagenic phthalates, in compliance with the 2006 European REACH Regulation. Where possible, we choose recyclable plastics for our packaging film;


Raw materials: we have activated circular economy processes that allow us to recover production waste;


Waste: we are constantly committed to the separate collection of waste in our offices and production departments.

We believe in the circular economy, recycling and sustainability: this is why Euronda has been committed for some time now to reducing our environmental impact, redefining production processes to optimise the consumption of energy, water, paper and waste. It’s important, however, to remember that all the disposable products used in dentistry are considered potentially infectious. This means they cannot be treated as normal urban waste, and must be given to specialist firms for disposal in dedicated incinerators. This is because the high temperatures are able to completely destroy pathogenic micro-organisms and dangerous elements.

Choosing Euronda Monoart® means sharing our production philosophy, focused on attention to processes, recycling and recovering waste, with respect for people and the environment.