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Euronda 2024

With the end of 2023 comes the time once again to take stock of the past year and present a summary of the most interesting plans for the immediate future.

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New Eurosafe 170 thermodisinfector

New Eurosafe 170 thermodisinfectorThe XL thermodisinfector for clinics with a high number of patients In instrument reprocessing procedures, the cleaning phase plays an essential role in ensuring that sterilisation takes place properly. The use of a thermodisinfector allows clinics to optimise this step by allowing instruments to be cleaned, disinfected, rinsed and dried in one … Read More

New Kit Monoart® 100% Graffiti

With the new Kit Monoart® 100% Graffiti, available in six vibrant shades, you now have all the disposable products you need to manage 100 patients.

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New Eurosafe 60 thermodisinfector

Eurosafe 60, the 60-litre thermodisinfector from the Euronda Pro System line, has been launched in market with an exclusive restyling and important new features.

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