Road to

Euronda 2022

Past, present and future of the company in the speech by Dr. Renato Basso

“Euronda has a vision. Euronda has a mission. Euronda’s vision is to work to protect dentists, dental operators and patients, bringing its expertise and values to all the areas this concept encompasses. Euronda’s mission is to play a leadership role in disposable supplies in Europe and to become a top European name in sterilization. Disposables, infection control, barrier products and medical devices are Euronda’s core business.”

These are the opening words of the speech for 2022 by President Dr. Renato Basso and Nicola Basso, CEO of Euronda: a clear definition that encapsulates Euronda’s identity and its aims for the future. The objectives and targets set are based on the company’s long history, and in particular the last five years, which follow four fundamental guidelines:

  1. Product innovation
  2. Process innovation
  3. Extraordinary business activities

Three milestones through which to take stock and steer the company’s course.

1. Product innovation

According to Basso, “Euronda has always had the ability to stay one step ahead of the future.

Innovation in disposables, with products such as Towel Up!, launched on the dental market in 2015, or the creation in 2017 of Alle, the line of sterile disposable products for dental surgery. Not to mention the commitment during the 2020 Covid pandemic to developing prevention products that have now become standard in the company’s offer.

Innovation in sterilization. In five years, Euronda has renewed all its sterilization equipment: ultrasound, sealers, thermodisinfectors and autoclaves. From the E9 autoclave of 2015 to the EXl of 2020, a whole family of autoclaves has been created in these 5 years, able to respond to new market needs and the different requirements of dental practices. The E10 is the top of the range, the E8 the entry-level autoclave and the EXL the extra-large autoclave with a 29 L capacity.

2. Process innovation

In recent years, Euronda has achieved another ambitious goal: optimising and innovating production processes, from disposable towels – which now boast a fully automatic production line – to saliva ejectors, with two new high-speed, high-security, high-quality lines.

These processes and systems have been developed according to the concepts of Industry 4.0, with a strong corporate focus on digitalisation that today allows the company to ensure greater efficiency and control, thus boosting product quality.

Similarly, machinery for the production of rolls and sterilization pouches has been implemented. This major investment has enabled Euronda Group to integrate the production chain, establishing itself as Europe’s leading manufacturer of dental sterilization rolls.

3. Business activity

Euronda exports to more than 100 foreign markets, but its main focus has traditionally been the European market, to which priority has been given with consolidation and development plans aimed at the main markets of Italy, Germany, Spain and France, and the creation, in 2020, of a new subsidiary in Russia – a distribution and production facility of major strategic importance for the Russian market.

Global markets have not been neglected, however. In 2018, after a 30-year absence, Euronda re-entered the US market through the front door by signing a partnership with a major player in the US disposables market.

These continental and global investments and business plans today guarantee the company a solid foundation, allowing it to look positively towards the future.

The future of Euronda, with Dr. Nicola Basso

Nicola Basso, CEO of Euronda, spoke about the company’s future.

“We are aware that we have an extremely complex period in front of us. The history books will describe this economic and health crisis that has hit us, the effects of which we are not yet fully and practically aware. What we do know, however, is that we have been a solid, strong company for 45 years. We were before and during Covid, and we want to be after Covid.

To this end, Nicola Basso identified two fundamental guidelines, two “virtues” that will mark the company’s operations in the immediate future: quality and speed.

“Quality’, he explains, ‘not simply in the sense of product output, but in a broader sense: quality processes, relations, engagement and dialogue; a commitment that is transmitted at all levels and in all areas. And speed in a two-fold sense, referring to interpretation and implementation, i.e. the ability to read and understand market trends before others do, anticipating requirements and new needs and providing targeted responses, by acting practically, effectively and flexibly; by moving better and faster than others, in order to create new opportunities rather than to pick up on them.

Investing for growth: an ambitious development plan

“Euronda wants to grow,” continues Nicola Basso, “and to grow, we need to invest. We want to invest in new processes, in new products, in new devices, in new markets, but also in new people and new spaces that these people can fill with ideas and content”.

An ambitious development plan is on the table, involving both internal growth at the Vicenza production site and external growth at Euronda Group’s subsidiaries and associates.


Internal growth

Internally, growth will regard both areas of Euronda. Disposables will see a second phase of renewal of the production assets, as well as the introduction of new articles that will be joining the Monoart, Eurosteril and Alle lines.

In sterilization, on the other hand, two important projects are already in the pipeline to enrich the Pro System line, and will go on the market in March 2022. “The first,’ explains Nicola Basso, ‘is a product that is not currently part of our range and that we will be developing from scratch. The second project concerns the renewal and restyling of an existing product”.

To accommodate the new projects in the pipeline and those to follow, Euronda already expanded its premises in 2021, acquiring an additional 7,000 m² in an area adjacent to the operating and production site (measuring 15,000 m²), adding up to a total area of approximately 25,000 m². 


External growth

With regard to external growth, the company’s intention is to invest in and strengthen its subsidiaries and associates, starting with its branches.

“We will be investing in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and Croatia, and we are also looking at setting up new sales subsidiaries in countries we consider to be extremely strategic. We are also considering the purchase of other companies that are complementary to our project”.

Three milestones for the future

While quality and speed are the cardinal virtues of Euronda, there are three objectives that the company is determined to achieve for the future:

  1. Optimisation of the customer-oriented approach
  2. Digitalisation
  3. Environmental sustainability

Nicola Basso explains: “We want to be a customer-oriented company, where the customer – medical professional or distributor – is at the centre of everything we do. Efficiency, comprehensive service, quality and speed will be at your service”.


Digitalisation: for Euronda, this means increasingly automating production processes, digitalising internal company processes, investing in tools and online sales to support distribution partners.


Finally, environmental sustainability. For years now, Euronda has been implementing a carefully structured plan to ensure environmental sustainability. The devices in the Pro System range are among the most

energy-efficient devices on the market. 2020 saw the launch of the new Natura Monoart line, using raw materials with a low environmental impact. This project was expanded in November 2021, with the start of in-house production of cellulose cups.

“And yet,’ Nicola Basso points out, ‘when we talk about environmental sustainability, we must talk about the sustainability not only of products, but also of process, of a supply chain that must have a low impact on our planet at all stages. That is why since 2018, Euronda has been using solely and exclusively energy from renewable sources.”

Euronda’s people, as seen by Paola Montagnani

Paola Montagnani, HR Manager at Euronda, also spoke about growth and quality.

“Euronda people have always been an integral part of its history and successes. In order to grow, we must continue to invest in them and their skills. It is people that the strength of our strategies is based on.”

In the last 5 years, Euronda has also recorded a strong increase in human resources, which it wants to continue. Today the company employs 110 people at its Sandrigo headquarters, and has a workforce of more than 200 including the branches, as well as a widespread network of agents operating in the various territories.

“The goal for 2022,” explains Paola Montagnani, “is to strengthen the workforce with new recruits, particularly in strategic areas where we have plans for growth. We want to invest in resources who share the group’s mission and values: people who can bring expertise, quality and added value to our work and to the different areas of the company, be it production or management”. 

Yesterday, today and tomorrow: Euronda: it's all about protection

So in the words of Dr. Renato Basso, Nicola Basso and Paola Montagnani, Euronda’s past, present and future come together to form the identity and commitment of a company that wants to continue to be a point of reference for its employees, for the sectors it serves and for the health and well-being of all those involved.

“In these five years”, concludes Dr. Basso, “we have increased our turnover by € 7,500,000, we have created new jobs, new opportunities and new spaces to exploit them. Out staff’s support in this has been invaluable. We, the owners and management, have invested the resources, while our staff have provided the support and ingenuity to develop this business of ours.  To them, to all the people of Euronda, I am grateful”.

Similarly, Nicola Basso adds:  “We want to grow and we have a lot to give, while never losing sight of our identity as a manufacturer and respecting our mission, “it’s all about protection”: the protection of all the people involved in medical and dental clinics. We hope to maintain the trust of our customers, so that we can continue to grow as we have done over the past 45 years of our history”.