Road to

Euronda, road to 2024

The 2023 budget

The expansion of the protection range and the return of world trade fairs

With the end of 2023 comes the time once again to take stock of the past year and present a summary of the most interesting plans for the immediate future.
For Euronda, this 2023 closes with a series of important achievements. In a year of political and economic instability around the world, the Company’s approach was to react actively, conscious of its energy, stability and role.

As Dr Renato Basso (President of Euronda) stated: “”Faced with difficulties, we did not stop and wait for better times, but tackled the situation actively, as we have always done throughout our history.

A commitment that translated first and foremost into a physical presence, with a full return, after the aftermath of the pandemic, to the major trade fairs in the dental field. From the British Dental Conference in Birmingham to the ADF in Paris, as well as Pragodent in Prague and Dental World in Budapest, Euronda has crossed continental borders to arrive at important global events such as the Chicago Midwinter and the Aeedc in Dubai, not to mention what is perhaps the most eagerly awaited event in the dental field: the International Dental Show in Cologne, which this year has reached 40 editions, 19 of which have seen the participation of Euronda.

A busy calendar of stops to catch up, re-establish and create old and new contacts, but also to present the year’s important novelties and innovations.

For Pro System, Euronda’s sterilization line, there are two important launches that expand and renew the range of thermodisinfectors:

  • Eurosafe 60 – the 60 L thermodisinfector underwent a meticulous restyling and upgrade with important new features. (Read the article)
  • Eurosafe 170 – the new 170 L thermodisinfector which, thanks to its extra-large capacity, responds flexibly and effectively to the needs of clinics and facilities with a large number of instruments to process. (Read the article)

But there was no shortage of novelties for disposables either, suffice it to mention the launch of the new Monoart® Graffiti Paper Cups, which enrich the line with a new pop pattern in 4 different combinations, to bring all the energy of colour into the studio along with unprecedented combinations with other Monoart® products. (Read the article)

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

For Euronda, 2023 is also an important year in terms of its commitment to sustainability. In fact, the company has obtained the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification. An important acknowledgement of the company’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) path, i.e. its willingness to adopt principles and guidelines to integrate environmental, social and governance aspects into its business strategy. With this newly obtained certification, Euronda confirms its approach to the continuous improvement of products and processes, and its desire to offer customers and partners, superior guarantees of quality, responsibility and proper environmental management of production activities. (Read the article)

Projects and new challenges for 2024

True to its values and achievements, Euronda is looking to the immediate future with clarity and momentum. Commercially, 2024 will be the year of Euronda Pro System. After years of development, testing and optimisation, the new version of E10 and E9 autoclaves will be launched, completely renewed and improved.

These new devices will be accompanied by the release of the new range of Sanifizer disinfectants, developed by Euronda with innovative low environmental impact formulations.

In addition, the entire range of Eurosteril sterilization rolls will see the inclusion of a centimetric ruler to make packaging operations easier and more efficient.

There will be no shortage of novelties for Monoart either, with major investments in production, starting with the installation of a new automated production line for aprons and headrest covers. Also in the disposable sector, the product catalogue will be expanded with the launch of an innovative sterile surgical aspirator tip – EM45 SurgiFlexo – characterised by the exclusive ergonomic design which is the result of a company patent.

The projects and objectives set out by the company look to 2024 and the future with optimism and the determination to continue to invest and grow in line with its mission: “It’s all about protection”. Safety and protection of people and the environment, in a coherent vision aimed at service excellence and completeness of offer, but also great attention to production processes and their sustainability.