Euronda with Treedom
and Dolomiti Energia


Euronda and the reduction of the Carbon Footprint

Our commitment continues

At Euronda, we have an ambitious but very important goal: to increasingly reduce our environmental impact and Carbon Footprint. This is an ambitious and complex process, but one that we have embarked on fuelled by the certainty that it is the only way to grow and remain faithful to our mission. The results confirm this every day, encouraging us to do better.

What is the Carbon Footprint?

The Carbon Footprint is a parameter that indicates the pressure exerted by human activities on the environment. It is a measure that expresses the CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly associated with a product or the operation of a business or service. Reducing the Carbon Footprint therefore means contributing to the well-being of the planet by improving environmental sustainability.

In order to do this, we have been implementing a series of measures for some time now, including making production processes more efficient and choosing raw materials and using energy from renewable sources, as well as external projects such as the Euronda forest.

Euronda and Dolomiti Energia: 100% clean energy

Since 2020, Euronda has been using energy from renewable sources, thanks to a contract with Dolomiti Energia. This is a great result, in addition to the self-generated energy from our in-house photovoltaic system. If you’d like to find out more, here is the article we dedicated to this important step forward: click here.

This is the certificate issued by Dolomiti Energia, referring to 2021:

Certificato Impronta energetica Euronda

Thanks to the use of certified, 100% renewable energy, Euronda avoids the release of around 600 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, per year.

This is a great achievement, in addition to the savings of 105 tonnes/year of CO2 made possible by our in-house photovoltaic system.

Euronda and Treedom: the Euronda Forest

The creation of the Euronda forest demonstrates that our commitment can go beyond the company and that – thanks to the support of our customers and partners – it can take the form of an important shared action able to improve both environmental and social sustainability.

We have dedicated an article to the project, created in collaboration with the Treedom platform during the E-Days (our first virtual fair): click here.

Thanks to Treedom and the contribution of the participants in the E-Days, it took less than a month to create the Euronda forest, with 200 trees planted by the local population of Cameroon. This important little forest is destined to grow and has already provided employment for the local population, and will be able to reduce the presence of CO2 by at least 11 tonnes per year.

In Treedom, each tree in the Euronda forest has its own online page and is geolocated and photographed. View the page dedicated to our forest: click here.

Choosing sustainable raw materials: Upcycling

In terms of research and product development, Euronda has also been committed to sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions for many years. Among the most recent examples are the Towel Up! towels and PG30 Aprons from the Natura Monoart Line, produced using ecological paper made from cellulose from a sustainable supply chain (FSC®) in combination with alternative fibres from coffee processing waste.

The paper used in the manufacture of these products is obtained through upcycling, a process of converting waste raw materials into new products.

Upcycling has enabled us to reduce the Carbon Footprint of this paper by 20%. This resource also contains up to 20% less virgin raw materials without increasing water and energy consumption.

One step at a time, together

We are proud to see that our efforts, now more than ever, are paying off and are involving not only the company but also colleagues, customers and partners. For decades, Euronda has been making sustainability one of its priorities, and never before have we been so acutely aware that we are part of a great movement that looks to the future with intense commitment and concrete projects.