Euronda's digital fair

14-15-16 April 2021

 E-Days, the first fully digital event dedicated to the Euronda universe, will be online from 14 to 16 April 2021.

Three “digital” but extremely practical days to meet, interact and share experiences face-to-face, with dedicated live technical webinars, streaming meetings and video previews of all the latest from Euronda: from Pro System sterilization to Monoart, Alle and Eurosteril disposables.

An immediate, innovative way to meet and keep up to date, thanks to a packed calendar of appointments, presentations, in-depth analysis and training, as well as an opportunity to talk about our company, to take stock of the last few years and to present our plans for the future.

Let's close the gap! Until we can meet again in person

The last year has been a complex period for everyone. In Euronda, using new technology and new ways to communicate has been vital to get round the issue of social distancing and the cancellation of trade fairs and events.

Little more than a year on from the last fair that took place offline, the E-Days seek to overcome the limits imposed by this period, offering a smart, virtual arena and a wealth of content, while still allowing for direct contact with our audience.

Euronda for the environment: E-Days and Treedom project

Euronda for treedom

True to its mission and commitment to environmental sustainability, Euronda has joined the Treedom project. For every participant registered for E-Days, a tree will be planted, reducing the CO2 in the air and supporting agroforestry projects for people in disadvantaged areas of the world.

Are you interested?