Euronda road
to 2021


Euronda road to 2021

Managing the emergency: the 2020 budget

2020 has been a complex year for everyone, perhaps the most difficult in Euronda’s forty-year history. The extremely rapid spread of the pandemic has turned the lives of companies upside down, no less than those of individuals, projecting all of us into the midst of an unprecedented health and economic emergency.

In such an uncertain, rapidly changing scenario, Euronda’s strength has been its ability to react and tackle the situation with impressive speed and flexibility. Faithful to its mission and without ever giving in to the temptation of speculation, the company has continued to be, first and foremost, a benchmark for its reference market and its long-standing partners, guaranteeing continuous service and protection to doctors, dentists and patients.

From the management of large commercial and production projects already in the pipeline, to understanding the new needs of the market and the daily organisation of people and work, this is how Euronda responded to the 2020 crisis and how it is now looking ahead to 2021.

Commercial projects 2020: Russia, China and USA

“We are proud of the work done and the skills demonstrated during 2020. We were able to react and deal with the situation, reacting promptly to a very complex moment in history. Despite all the difficulties, Euronda emerged stronger than ever”

This is how Nicola Basso summed up the year now drawing to a close. A year that has seen Euronda face up to the emergency and – in spite of it – complete important projects and inaugurate new ones.

 From a commercial point of view, Euronda was able to complete the 3 macro-objectives set: the completion and start-up of the branch in Russia, the consolidation of its presence in the United States, and the activation of an important new distribution partner in China. This impressive result was made possible by our tenacity and ability to bring our projects to fruition, despite the many limitations posed by the current situation.

Production projects and new market needs

Also at industrial level, Euronda was able to create the conditions and manage the situation so that the projects planned could be completed, and at the same time, it was able to respond to the new safety requirements created by the Covid emergency.

The effort focused on the renewal of the company’s production assets with a major investment plan and the production of new sterilization devices and disposable products planned for 2020.

In addition, Euronda has been able to identify and respond to the emerging needs of doctors and dentists, creating new barrier products designed to protect users from Covid and developing a specific new anti-Covid treatment function for its autoclaves.

Euronda and environmental sustainability

Euronda has been committed to environmental sustainability for years now. This commitment did not falter in 2020, with the launch of the Natura line and the on-going search for eco-friendly construction solutions and materials. This research also involves the line dedicated to sterilization, whose machines boast energy and water consumption among the lowest on the market.

The challenge for PPE is to combine the quality and protective performance required by the medical sector with an eco-friendly product, especially at the production stage. It is important to remember that in most cases, PPE is considered special waste and therefore not recyclable after use. It follows that sustainability must be generated upstream, at the production stage, i.e. by creating processes and choosing raw materials with reduced environmental impact in order to boost the sustainability of these products. Euronda uses only energy from renewable sources such as the sun and water.

Euronda people: apart, yet united

The Covid emergency and the subsequent lockdown also had a major impact on the people who bring the company to life every day. Managing this aspect effectively was also fundamental. First of all, our priority was to implement workplace safety measures, but also to support and protect during lockdown and quarantine those members of our staff who did not have resources for integration.

Secondly, training and professional development programmes were created regarding the different production processes outside of the specific areas of competence, so that the shortage of staff physically present could be managed and compensated for.

Remote working has proved to be an important resource, although never before has it been clearer to everyone how essential teamwork is. As Paola Montagnani reminded us: “It is the group that makes the company grow”.

And it is with this in mind that Euronda has continued and continues to focus on people, recruiting new employees in areas ranging from production to technical assistance. As Paola Montagnani explained: “We focused primarily on young people, with the recruitment of people fresh from both school and university, without experience, but with the ability to bring a new vision and new skills, especially valuable in a period like this”.

From trade fairs to new digital marketing tools

The use of new skills and new technologies has been very important to overcome social distancing and the cancellation of Fairs and Events that have always been important for Euronda. 

The year 2020 brought new working methods, remote working and new digital tools to communicate, compare and share.

In this respect, the role of digital tools has been greatly enhanced, making it possible to organise and create remote events such as webinars, training courses and promotional campaigns targeted at different countries. Thanks to digital communication channels and social networks, Euronda has been able to maintain its relationship with its audience. Hence the ambitious project of a Digital Fair, a completely online event that is already among the objectives set for 2021.

2021: Interpreting the change to act promptly

Many projects are in the pipeline for 2021, in addition to the continuation of the industrial and technological renovation of the production plants with a view to ensuring greater safety for operators, greater quality for customers and environmental and economic sustainability. Added to this is the expansion of the offer of both the disposable products line and the sterilization devices, with new products able to anticipate and respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market. This market could expand further in 2021, targeting specific products to sectors adjacent to the dental-medical sector.

2021 will also be dedicated to boosting performance on the global markets we have conquered – starting with Russia, China and the USA – and maintaining performance in Europe. The parent company, as confirmed by Nicola Basso, feels the need for new spaces for the development of new business units. Precisely for this reason, despite the significant investment made in 2018, it seems necessary to expand with new real estate investments able to respond to the increase in production capacity and product logistics.

In short, with the end of 2020 and the results obtained, Euronda looks to the new year without underestimating the scenarios on the horizon, but with the firm conviction that today it is more necessary than ever to interpret changes promptly and intelligently and to invest in renewal.