Road to

Euronda, road to 2023

The 2022 budget

As 2022 comes to a close, it is time for Euronda to take the usual stock of the past year and trace the lines of development for the near future.

2022 was certainly a difficult year, the continuation of a period that tested the company and once again revealed its great resilience. The long wake of the pandemic, to which the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was added, opened a historical international period marked by deep economic and political instability: market uncertainty, inflation, supply difficulties and rising costs of raw materials and energy.

‘Nonetheless,’ said President Dr Renato Basso, ‘all this has not and must not stop our momentum in the immediate future. Quite the opposite! As we have already demonstrated in the past, only by recognising obstacles can we face them with lucidity and overcome them together.”

Words also supported by Nicola Basso, CEO of Euronda: “In 2022, the company was able to make a difference, both on a production and commercial level, thanks to strategic choices that required speed, intelligence and flexibility. We did our utmost to respond to the difficulties caused by the situation and to ensure continuity and constant support for our customers, a joint effort that has rewarded us. We reach the end of this long year with the knowledge that we have done well and can look to the future with determination and with an investment plan that continues.’

Continuity and challenges for 2023

Euronda therefore prepares for the new year having proven to be a structured and solid, but also flexible company capable of responding to change by guaranteeing presence, speed and excellence. Faithful to its mission – ‘It’s all about protection‘ – it looks to the future by confirming development plans and investments in process improvement, staff expansion and the creation of new production lines to make its offer even more complete.

On the production level, Euronda’s 2023 will be a year of renewal in both the sterilization and disposable fields, with new key products, new production lines, but also with an increased and even doubled production capacity for some strategic products.
The aim: to make the offer even more complete in all areas of Infection Control, guaranteeing the high quality and performance that have always identified the brand.

On a commercial level, the company continues its efforts to strengthen its European and global presence by continuing its expansion in the territories that currently offer greater guarantees, first of all Asia and the United States, but also with specific projects such as those in the Iberian peninsula and Eastern Europe.

Euronda’s commitment to the environment also continues in 2023: from reducing the impact of processes and products to finding more sustainable raw materials in line with the goal of total protection. The company’s photovoltaic plant will be expanded by 40% and measures to improve recycling and disposal will be implemented. Furthermore, in the coming months the company will be certified according to the environmental management system UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.

IDS 2023: a key appointment

2023 will also mark the return of IDS (International Dental Show): after a four-year absence, the world’s most popular dental trade fair returns. It is a milestone in Euronda’s vision, so much so that the exhibition space has been doubled.

‘After the pandemic,’ explains Nicola Basso, ‘IDS 2023 represents an important comeback, a moment of sharing and communication with a worldwide audience, an event that will allow us to materialize and evaluate the work done so far, but also to confront our customers directly and better understand the dynamics of the sector at this historic moment.

HR: Welfare, dialogue and promotion

‘On the HR front,’ explains Dr Paola Montagnani, ‘2023 will be full of projects and changes born out of listening and dialogue.

Cohesion, helpfulness and mutual aid: this is the formula for improving the quality of life and work of people in Euronda. Starting with Welfare, an increasingly important resource that improves year after year through direct dialogue and that aims to respond more and more comprehensively to the real needs of employees with targeted support initiatives and facilities.

Linked to this is another important goal for the new year, that of creating a virtuous circle between new arrivals and historical figures, creating the conditions and environment for a ‘relay baton’ handover that maintains a high level of quality. Euronda is committed to developing a path that enhances commitment with incentives, flexibility, professional and personal growth of employees.

‘We need compactness and dialogue,’ explains Dr Montagnani, ‘so we want to strengthen internal communication and share our corporate culture. A way of living together and collaborating that is increasingly based on listening, capable of truly putting people at the centre: this is the great goal we want to pursue with an increasingly open approach and with our characteristic family feel.”

The future of Euronda: Efficiency, Quality and Productivity

Euronda’s future thus looks set to be one of continuity, development and improvement. An attitude driven by corporate values and the ability to read a complex, ever-changing reality, to which we must respond with readiness, intelligence and flexibility.

In an ocean of uncertainty,’ Dr Basso concludes, ‘we have a compass to guide us. The values that guide our future are the same values that are part of our DNA and that I never tire of reiterating: Efficiency, Productivity and, above all, Quality.
This is Euronda, this is what is recognised and what characterises us around the world.”