Autoclave E10
and Autoclave E9

New autoclaves E10 and E9

The evolution of Euronda Pro System sterilization

The new flagship autoclaves of the Euronda Pro System line are making their debut on the market completely revamped, with a redefined range that takes sterilization to the next level.

E10, Euronda Pro System’s flagship autoclave, sets a new top-of-the-range standard. Likewise, E9 redefines the standard in its segment in terms of both reliability and usability.

The result of intensive development and optimisation work, the new E10 and E9 autoclaves bring Euronda’s decades of experience to dental practices, innovating the concepts of protection, process optimisation, reliability and manual and paper traceability.

This new direction is also evidenced by the evolution of the traditional logo, which now incorporates Euronda’s distinctive blue colour on all autoclaves in the range: E8, E9, E10 and EXL.

Developed to simplify daily tasks and meet the needs of operators

From the new ergonomic design to the completely redesigned digital interface and a new concept of advanced operation and traceability, E10 and E9 autoclaves mark a real revolution in the relationship between device and operator.

The aim is to simplify every aspect of daily work, supporting the operators’ efforts with sterilization that is not only easier to manage, but also more efficient, effective and repeatable.

E10, designed around the user

Need an example? LEDs in the handle compartment of the new E10 act as a light guide, giving immediate feedback on the status of the device, and also ensuring better visibility of the trays when loading and unloading.

The control interface of the new E10 is another example of usability at the service of the operator. Completely redesigned with a simple and intuitive logic (and now operated on a 7″ screen, 40% larger than the previous model), it guides the user clearly and immediately, offering quick start-up of cycles via swipe mode and the possibility of customising them in just a few clicks.

  • New alert system for routine and extraordinary maintenance;  
  • Simplified maintenance reset;  
  • Simplified management of printer settings;  
  • Starting cycles and testing with swipe mode;  
  • Directions, warnings and video tutorials for daily support;  
  • Creation of user profiles (dentist, doctor and technician) for 100% digital traceability management.

Another important new feature are the integrated video tutorials that provide immediate and constant assistance, facilitating small daily procedures.

E9, serving your needs

The interface of the new E9 has also been redesigned to simplify navigation in every aspect. Its 4.3″ touch screen display and new, clearer icons offer immediate and safe control.

E9 offers the option of selecting 5 different B cycles and, after entering a password, 2 S and N cycles. In addition to cycles, tests can also be programmed at the desired time, in order to make the most of the time.

Guaranteed performance and reliability over time

Designed in every detail to perform at their best and for the longest time, the new E10 and E9 guarantee impeccable sterilization and drying results, optimising energy and water consumption.

The load capacity and the wide range of tray holders and accessories also allow all types of load to be efficiently configured and processed according to different requirements and types of instruments.

The control systems and advanced features common to all Euronda Pro System autoclaves guarantee performance and safe results over time, prolonging the life and effectiveness of the autoclave.

  • The Modular System simplifies disassembly and maintenance of the autoclave, while the Inspection System enables easy and frequent cleaning.
  • The Instant Steam Generator guarantees excellent performance in terms of speed, safety and sterilization, calibrating consumption according to the load.
  • The conductivity meter constantly monitors the water quality, the Dirt Control System ensures operation even in the presence of dirt in the drainage circuit, while the Air-Water Separator and the new Cooling System preserve the pump’s efficiency over time.

E10 also develops a new air filter system that prevents dirt from entering the autoclave, preserving the internal components and their efficiency over time. The filters are removable with a simple click for immediate cleaning or replacement.

Connected and flexible for complete traceability

E10 and E9 also simplify day-to-day work from the point of view of sterilization data management and archiving, thanks to improved digital and paper-based traceability systems.

In compliance with EN 13060, all sterilization cycles are saved on USB (for E10) or SD Card (for E9) and can be transferred to a PC via Ethernet or WiFi connection (the latter as standard in E10, and optional in E9).

The new E10 interface also allows a PDF with cycle information to be generated directly onboard in a few clicks.

Both new autoclaves offer a choice of 3 different printers: internal printer with thermal paper, internal printer with self-adhesive labels, external printer with self-adhesive labels.

E-Memory 2.0 software, free forever

E10 and E9 offer free and unlimited access to the latest generation E-Memory software for storing, managing and tracking all sterilization cycles and data directly on a PC.

This application can capture sterilization data automatically, semi-automatically or manually and save them directly to the computer. Its management system allows the tracking of all information relating to sterilization cycles. This not only provides security and autonomy while working, but also represents a solid defence for the professional in the event of legal disputes.

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