Eurosafe 170

New Eurosafe 170 thermodisinfector

The XL thermodisinfector for clinics with a high number of patients

In instrument reprocessing procedures, the cleaning phase plays an essential role in ensuring that sterilisation takes place properly. The use of a thermodisinfector allows clinics to optimise this step by allowing instruments to be cleaned, disinfected, rinsed and dried in one automated and traceable process, reducing the workload of operators, who are then free to focus on specialised tasks, and reducing the risk of accidents associated with manual washing.

Euronda has expanded its range of thermaldisinfectors with the introduction of the Eurosafe 170, the new XL thermodisinfector from the Pro System line, which, thanks to its extra-large capacity, meets the needs of facilities with a large number of instruments to process.

Extra spacious and ergonomic: making everyday work easier

Characterised by an essential and compact design, the Eurosafe 170 conceals an exceptional load capacity inside. Its spacious 170-litre chamber can in fact accommodate up to 8 x 1/1 DIN cassettes, equivalent to 4 full loads of a 24-litre autoclave, corresponding to an average of 144 instruments.

On sale with a complete set of standard accessories that allow you to handle every load in the best possible way and simplify your daily work, thanks also to small but essential ergonomic features.

An example? Its glass door allows instruments to be kept under control during the thermodisinfection cycle, while the flap opening serves as a convenient loading surface, simplifying the process of inserting and removing instruments.

Powerful, flexible and reliable

The injection washing system with independent spray arms for each level and the forced air drying system, guarantee deep cleaning, reaching even the inside of hollow-body instruments, with perfect drying.

Easy to programme and customise, the Eurosafe 170 is designed to offer maximum usability during daily procedures. It also allows you to allocate your 3 favourite cycles to the quick selection buttons on either side of the display, so that you can start the desired washes instantly.

Efficiency and longevity are guaranteed by a series of advanced safety systems. The Eurosafe 170 monitors the correct regeneration of the integrated softener resins. The water filtering system preserves pump performance over time, while the aquastop system stops the water flow in the event of malfunctions or leaks.

Tailor-made traceability

The Eurosafe 170 validates and tracks all cycles performed, allowing data to be saved onto a USB stick, transferred to a PC via an optional data logger, or printed via an optional external printer.

Discover all the advantages of the new Eurosafe 170.