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New Eurosafe 60 thermodisinfector

A completely new look...
but that's not all!

Eurosafe 60, the 60-litre thermodisinfector from the Euronda Pro System line, has been launched in market with an exclusive restyling and important new features that combine usability and performance with the best in automated cleaning and disinfection.

User-friendly thermodisinfection

With its new pure white lines, Eurosafe 60 becomes even more elegant in design, but also more immediate in its use. The objective of this update? Support the work of operators by simplifying every aspect of daily procedures, from the most practical ones linked with ergonomics – such as the new steel handle that facilitates opening – to those concerning usability, programming and setting cycles.

A major improvement concerns the interface of Eurosafe 60, which has been optimised to make navigation clearer, simpler and faster. Intuitive and versatile, the new control system allows operators, among other things, to select the 3 most-frequently used cycles and combine them with the buttons below the display, to immediately activate the desired wash.

That’s not all, Eurosafe 60 becomes even smarter and more reliable: in addition to monitoring the correct regeneration of the resins of the integrated softener, it now warns operators when salt is lacking with a pop-up that prevents the machine from proceeding unless it has been refilled.

All-in-one: for a safer and more sustainable cleaning of surgical instruments

With this revamped version of the Eurosafe 60, the Euronda Pro System line updates and improves an indispensable device that can automate and improve the efficiency and productivity of procedures preparatory to the sterilization of instruments.

Its injection washing system, forced-air drying system and numerous accessories guarantee excellent results for all types of load, even on complex and hollow instruments.
Eurosafe 60 cleans, disinfects, rinses and dries in a single, automated and traceable process that eliminates the need for manual cleaning and guarantees:

  • More effective and deeper cleaning;
  • Lower risk of accidental injury;
  • Lower risk of environmental contamination from aerosols and splashes;
  • Repeatability and traceability;
  • Savings in water and detergent;
  • Savings in time for staff;
  • Increased productivity.

Its 60-litre chamber can process up to two full loads of an autoclave (24 litres), offering reduced energy and water consumption, but also reduced detergent consumption thanks to the automatic dispenser that selects the right amount depending on the load.
Discover all the new features and advantages of the new Eurosafe 60.

Discover all the new features and advantages of the new Eurosafe 60.