Kit Monoart® 100% Graffiti

Try the new Kit Monoart® 100% Graffiti

Practical and sustainable, with the new paper cups Graffiti!

As of today, the range of Monoart® 100% Kits has been enriched with a new irresistible addition – in fact, six! With the new Kit Monoart® 100% Graffiti, available in six vibrant shades, you now have all the disposable products you need to manage 100 patients, organised in a convenient, ready-to-use space-saving kit.

Light blue, blue, lilac, lime, pink, green: try out all the colours and discover the combinations we have created with the new paper cups Graffiti: their original pattern is a tribute to the iconic elements linked to dental health. A touch of energy and originality in pure pop style!

In every Kit Monoart® 100% Graffiti you will find:

  • 100 Towel Up! towels;
  • 100 tissues;
  • 100 saliva ejectors;
  • 100 paper cups Graffiti;
  • 100 face masks Protection 3;
  • 80 PG30 aprons
Six colours, 100 units and 100% original.

Simplify your work and customise your style and the style of your clinic every day!

The eco-friendly alternative: 100% Euronda quality

With the Kit Monoart® 100% Graffiti you can now bring all the essence of Monoart® and the originality of a unique line into your practice. All the safety and protection operators and their patients need. Everything the Euronda brand stands for in terms of quality and sustainability.


The paper cups Graffiti, PG30 aprons, tissues and Towel Up towels are made of cellulose from environmentally responsibly managed forests (FSC), as is the kit pack and the tissue and face mask packs, while the plastic packaging is recyclable.

Glue-free products

Towel Up towels and PG30 aprons are produced without the use of glues, thanks to our production technologies that have enabled us to mechanically laminate paper with polyethylene for over 10 years. Each year we avoid the use of 3,700 kg of glue in the production of Towel Up! towels and 4,750 kg in the production of PG30 aprons.

Sustainable production

The production lines of our saliva ejectors are equipped with a system that allows the recirculation and recycling of 100% of the water used. At Euronda we use energy from renewable sources, mainly hydroelectric power plants.

Compact, complete and sustainable: with the Kit Monoart® 100% Graffiti you can welcome your patients in a cheerful and well-organised environment.