Safety and Quality Management

At Euronda, we are committed to Quality every day

From quality control for our medical devices to optimization of all business processes

At Euronda, Quality is all in a day’s work – a habit and a perspective that informs and directs our work every day.

This is all the more important in a bio-medical manufacturing company, where pursuit of Quality is an essential factor in ensuring the safety of all stakeholders involved: the service technicians who test our autoclaves, the workers who produce our saliva ejectors, to the patients, doctors and practitioners who use our products.

For Euronda, the pursuit of Quality means to be faithful and consistent with our mission: “It’s all about protection” and with our own history, since Quality is one of the founding principles that have always accompanied the growth and success of our organization for over 40 years. And this is why, when we write the word “Quality”, we do so with a capital letter, because for us it is not a duty or a mere formality, but a benchmark and a working philosophy.

A Quality Management System, plus more...

Manufacturing for the medical field, for customers in more than 130 countries around the world, means committing ourselves to satisfying and complying with requirements, reference standards and norms, focusing on the continuous improvement of our organization. To this end, Euronda adopts and implements its Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2016, which meet the basic requirements of good manufacturing practices required by regulations, both in Europe and internationally.

Specifically, the ISO 9001 standard stipulates the management requirements of key business processes and the ISO 13485 standard specifically applies the same to the Medical Device industry.

National mandatory requirements, and those for other relevant markets, in the area of product compliance and the safety of manufacturing environments. To do this, it takes experience gained over the years, ongoing study and optimization of manufacturing and organizational processes, as well as continuous investments in technologies and production systems, which are essential to guarantee control, minimize mistakes and constantly improve performance.

Our Quality department looks to the future, anticipating deadlines and legal requirements, with the aim not only of being prepared, but of building a constant tension towards improvement, combining indications and best practices, before they are turned into legislation.

Quality: a value to be experienced in order to work better

The concept of Quality that we aim for at Euronda is increasingly integrated into the corporate framework, at all levels and in all aspects. We strongly believe that better Quality means more competitiveness, more safety, more organization and more environmental sustainability, as well as better products and better results.

Within our organization, decisions, changes and new challenges follow an approach that is increasingly based on rational methods, analysis and procedures that allow us to read and better manage different situations, identifying critical issues and defining the best solutions.

This is our way of working, thanks to a dedicated and well-qualified team who are always ready to face new challenges.

This is the way we at Euronda have chosen to ensure that corporate values are realized every step of the way.