The (He)art of protection


The (He)art of protection

Art, passion and protection join forces in the new Euronda photo campaign

At Euronda, we put protection and quality at the heart of things and try to convey these fundamental values through each of our products, doing so with great commitment and passion for what we do. This passion and our history as a brand, synonymous with colour and innovation, are what we built on to create the new Euronda photo campaign.

The Euronda Monoart advertising campaign of 2012 is a benchmark in the history of Euronda’s public communications. The project was so successful that, in subsequent years, it defined the image of the range and even the company itself.

Now, nine years later, we’re aspiring to the level of that campaign. Not only have tastes and sensibilities changed in the past nine years, but something else has too. It’s not just the visual side of things. What’s changed more than anything else is Euronda itself: the company is bigger with a much wider range consisting of 4 different lines of products distributed to many more countries throughout the world.

The idea behind the new campaign was to introduce a common thread linking our product lines and their features: one aesthetic code and one language capable of conveying Euronda’s mantra—”the art of protection”—across the board.

See the photos from the new Euronda 2021 campaign

The new Euronda campaign entitled “The (He)art of protection” is a tribute to the company’s history and its ability to bring about change in the market and communication campaigns, both now and in the past. With a subtle nod to the past but an all-new look, the campaign embodies both the present and future of the company, embracing each of the lines and their respective features.

The Monoart® line is where disposables become sought-after tools used to communicate, the Pro System line is where highly advanced and efficient devices with intelligent technology produce outstanding performance and teamwork, the Eurosteril® line features safe products that provide excellent protection and the Alle® line has light, high-quality products.

In the “The (He)art of protection” campaign, Euronda’s products take centre stage of a story defined not only by skill and passion, but by Euronda’s flair for research and guaranteeing maximum safety, protection and environmental sustainability. Here originality, skill and technological innovation come together in perfect harmony.