News: EM45
SurgiFlexo Tip

The new EM45 SurgiFlexo Tip

The aspirator tip for complex surgery needs

Dental surgery, a constantly evolving discipline, requires state-of-the-art instruments that can guarantee safety, ergonomics and support in all conditions. As a result, the EM45 SurgiFlexo sterile cannula has been developed by Euronda to meet the suction needs in complex surgical settings.

The flexible and adaptable EM45 SurgiFlexo Tip offers ideal ergonomics and performance for operations in hard-to-reach areas or those with limited operating space, such as posterior surgical procedures or root canal surgeries.

Versatile and adaptable: supporting precision operations

Thanks to its flexible structure and ability to maintain the given shape, the EM45 can be adapted to the most suitable bending angle for precise intervention in complex operations, such as:

  • apicectomies,
  • gingival grafts
  • and implantology operations.

Its light blue tip adds an extra degree of precision during the surgery procedure. Its distinctive colour perfectly contrasts with the surrounding tissue, improving visibility in all surgical procedures where precision is crucial.

The option to unscrew the tip also allows the suction opening to be varied from 2.6 to 4.8 mm, in order to adapt to the suction requirements during the different operating phases.

Safety and comfort

The cannula and tip are made from high-quality biocompatible materials, and special attention has been paid to the design of the tip, which is intended to interact gently with the mucous membranes and ensure a comfortable experience for the patient, whilst also providing maximum patient safety.

Each EM45 cannula is manufactured exclusively in Italy and packaged to ensure maximum safety, in accordance with the highest surgical industry standards. It is carefully packed in a sterile medical blister pack, complete with a double adhesive label to provide product traceability.