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centimetre-ruled rolls

The new Eurosteril centimetre-ruled rolls

Sterilization rolls have become ruled

Protection, safety and efficiency in all sterilization processes: the aim of the Euronda Pro System line. Eurosteril, the line of sterilization pouches and rolls, is no stranger to introducing key innovations, such as increasing the sterility shelf life of a product from 3 to 6 months. Today, it is proposing a further improvement as far as packaging is concerned, with its manufacture of Eurosteril ruled rolls.

In fact, all Eurosteril sterilization rolls are printed with a useful cm ruler to make operations faster, more precise and repeatable over time.

A useful cm guide that simplifies everyday work and lets the operator proceed in a safer and more precise manner without wasting material and time, and by standardising an operation that is essential to the success of the entire sterilization process.

Eurosteril® sterilization rolls and pouches

Safety, hygiene, easy-to-use – Eurosteril® rolls and pouches feature all the characteristics of the ideal accompaniment for optimum sterilization. They are manufactured in full compliance with EU Regulation 2017/745 and the EN 868-5 standard.

Produced in Italy by Euronda in a clean room using cutting-edge processes and top-quality materials. Complete with chemical colour indicators, they easily and safely peel open, without releasing any microfibres or tearing.

The sterility of their contents is guaranteed for up to six months from the sterilization date in ideal storage conditions and they are subjected to sterilization and sealing process checks.