Vision for 2020: eco-sustainability, safety and new markets

Everything new at Euronda in the words of Dr. Basso

One year after moving to its new headquarters, it’s time for Euronda to weigh things up. That said, it’s also time to table some new projects for 2020. 2019 ended with many targets met and lots of new developments, including an upgrade of the Pro System with new thermosealers and the new EXL autoclave, the expansion of the Alle line, new collections of disposable Monoart devices and the launch of an eco-friendly line currently being rolled out. So, what new developments are in store for 2020? We talked to Euronda manager Dr. Renato Basso, who began with the theme of the environment.

Euronda and caring for the environment

“It’s essential!” – says Dr. Basso – “as a matter of urgency, we must take care of our surrounding areas in the best way possible, i.e. being fully aware of all the choices we make, both in terms of energy, production and logistics, as well as the technologies and raw materials used”.

Euronda has always believed in this. Throughout the years, it has been committed on a number of different levels, all of which are fundamental and closely linked. Currently, the company’s production lines are equipped with a system that enables 100% of water used to be recirculated and recycled. The photovoltaic system produces about 198,000 kWh of energy annually, saving 105 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere each year. The company has also implemented circular processes that enable it to recover production waste.

Recycling disposable materials

“Nowadays, people feel very strongly about these issues” – explains Dr. Basso – “but for at least 5 years, we’ve sought alternative raw materials for our saliva ejectors and commissioned university research too, an example of which is our collaboration with the University of Padua. It’s not an easy process. We have to take all aspects into account and not simplify things like people, sadly, tend to do nowadays”.

This is the direction that the new Monoart Natura line is taking. With this line, the company has begun using a special type of eco-friendly paper made by combining recycled paper and residues leftover from coffee processing, which are reused to minimise consumption of virgin cellulose.

Efficiency and consumption: Pro System devices

Euronda’s commitment is also demonstrated by the fact that it has created and offers devices that limit energy consumption, optimising sterilisation system efficiency as a result. In this respect, the Pro System has always been at the forefront and, today, the line’s autoclaves have an outstanding record consuming the least amount of water: “The new EXL – says Dr. Basso – consumes less than 1 litre compared to the 30 litres consumed by some of the main competing autoclaves available on the market today”.

E-line: second production site in Montecchio

E-line specialises in the manufacturing of flexible packaging for the medical-pharmaceutical and dental industry. From next year onwards, in addition to its existing premises in Bergamo, the company will benefit from a new site.

“In terms of production, E-line has grown – explains Dr. Basso – and further investments are planned for 2020. With this in mind, and to ensure logistical efficiency, we’ve divided our two production areas. The one dedicated to the medical sector remains at our existing site in Bergamo, and the other, dedicated to dental products, is located here in Montecchio Precalcino, near Euronda’s head office, with an ultra-modern centre for grey-room processing”.

Euroseal 2001 plus passes on the torch

“2020 will also see the retirement of the renowned Euroseal 2001 Plus thermosealer”.
This will be a fond farewell to a machine that, perhaps more than any other, represents Euronda’s capacity for innovation. With its launch in 1997, Euroseal Plus had a tremendous impact on the market thanks to its revolutionary heating cartridge and special ergonomics. During its years of service, it racked up a record number of sales (with over 100,000 units sold) and signalled a revolutionary development in technology and design.
And so, a great icon is leaving the market, but not without leaving behind a worthy heir. From 2020, it will be replaced by its successor, the new Euroseal Infinity, which takes the existing machine and optimises all its best qualities.

Protection and safety: a wide-reaching mission

Ensuring maximum protection, quality and safety is an essential part of Euronda’s mission. For the sake of consistency, these wide-reaching concepts apply in a number of areas, whether its in the dental practice itself, respecting and preserving the environment, or for Euronda employees who do their bit every day.

“In recent years, many improvements have been made to create a totally safe working environment, especially in areas of production. Safety in the workplace is our number-one priority and eliminating the risk of accidents is our goal”.

For this reason, Euronda’s suction system has been completely overhauled and reimplemented and the production process has been revised to optimise ergonomics and maximise safety. Workflows have been tidied up with automation playing a major role, optimising checks on procedures and minimising manual work. Then there’s education. Euronda can rely on professional figures committed to promoting a culture of safety in the workplace and the use of appropriate PPE (an absolutely essential aspect that is often overlooked).

The company is also as stringent as possible with outbound products. All products must adhere to the slogan: “it’s all about protection”. “Maximum attention is paid during the production process” – explains Dr. Basso – “parameters are robust. Only in this way can we guarantee the highest safety standards for each single part”.

Presence in international markets: new production site in Russia

In 2020, the key aim is to stabilise and widen the company’s presence in markets such as the USA and China, as well as strengthening presence in Russia with a new production site. Distribution will be managed by the company itself.
This represents unwavering commitment to further growth in a major market in which Euronda has been active since 2006. Euronda Russia will manage both the manufacturing of all disposable products via the new production site, and the marketing of all Euronda lines and products.
“Today” – explains Dr. Basso “the most active markets in which Euronda is present are in Europe. Operations scheduled for 2020 will enable us to expand greatly in other markets. One example is China, where we have been present since 1989. In 2020, a major distribution and technical-assistance project will be carried out thanks to an exclusive agreement with a major player for the entire sterilisation sector”.

The new Euronda site, one year after it opened

“We’re thrilled” says Dr. Renato Basso, summing up the experience of the new Euronda site in the past year. Bringing the company’s main offices and production areas together, this place has brought people together and created a real opportunity for dialogue and comparison, as well as being a trend-setting facility from every point of view.

“It’s a lovely, welcoming environment that’s well-equipped and built for people to live and work in the best possible surroundings. It’s also designed to welcome our guests, whether they’re customers, partners or visiting students, as has often been the case recently. It’s a new addition that we’re very proud of, and one that will push us and help us to work better”.

And so, for Euronda, 2020 starts here: a year that⁠—as we have learned⁠—will see many major projects carried out, helping the company grow further both at home and throughout the world, under the slogan: “it’s all about protection”.