What you absolutely need in your clinic


What you absolutely need in your clinic

Top required dental equipment for new clinics

A common question among many new dentists about what they may need in their dental clinic comes up with the opening of new practices all the time. There is a huge array of dental equipment that could be included inside any type of dental practice but there certainly are some forms of dental equipment that are crucial to opening up any new offices. Here is a list of some of the top required dental equipment that you will need to open a new clinic.

– Chairs for patients and dentists: it’s important to note that when opening up a new practice you will need to get the appropriate patient chairs that make it easy to work over long procedures. A dental medical chair can be easily sterilized and puts the patient in the appropriate position for any number of dental procedures.

– Cabinetry: medical cabinetry is needed to hold dental supplies and equipment as well as medications. It often comes with locks and an easy to sterilize surface.

– Delivery systems: delivery systems can handle the delivery of water, air, cleaner and sterilization fluids.

Operatory lights: appropriate lighting is always needed when it comes to performing any type of dental procedure. High-quality operating lights are crucial to performing even basic cleanings.

X-ray imaging equipment: to build an appropriate patient profile and to inspect oral health below surface level x-ray imaging equipment is needed for every office.

Sterilization equipment: proper sterilization cycles and equipment are needed to ensure that all dental instruments are kept clean to prevent infection and other lingering issues. Your sterilization equipment could be some the most important dental equipment your practice needs.

Hand pieces: hand pieces and dental tools will be required for inspection, cleaning and other procedures. With more tools you can improve the quality of the service your office offers.

Utility equipment: various utility equipment will be required such as devices to handle the pressurized air, water and suction as well as basic office equipment. You may also want to consider investing in a backup generator to prevent data from being lost and to ensure that you can continue working even in the event of an emergency power outage.