Whistleblowing Reports

Following the entry into force of Legislative Decree 24/2023 on Whistleblowing, Euronda has set up several channels dedicated to the reporting of possible wrongdoing and company irregularities.

Euronda is committed to fostering a working environment in which frank and direct communication is the norm and not the exception. The aim is to ensure that every employee and collaborator feels comfortable raising questions or concerns about possible violations.

If you are aware of irregularities that could lead to violations and/or wrongdoing, you should file a Whistleblowing Report. This term refers to any report intended as a demonstration of civic sense that can bring to light or prevent situations that undermine good administration or public interest.

In compliance with the law, Euronda guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided and the anonymity of those who wish to file a report.

Available channels

The channels for filing a report are as follows:

  • through the Signalethic portal, which can be accessed by clicking the button below;
  • by contacting the Whistleblowing Officers by phone using the contact details below;
  • by contacting the Whistleblowing Officers directly to arrange an in-person meeting.

The Whistleblowing Officers are:

  • ANDRE NICHELE: 0444/656176
  • ELGA POZZATO: 0444/656115
  • RICCARDO MARANGONI: 0444/656126

Remember that Whistleblowing channels are not appropriate for dealing with personal or employment-related issues, relations with supervisors or other colleagues not falling within the scope of violations of the Code of Ethics or Legislative Decree 24/2023. The reporting or whistleblowing person must have a reasonable and well-founded reason to believe that the information about the reported violations is true and within the scope of the legislation.

Practical tips on using the Signalethic portal

The Signalethic portal is designed according to the principles of privacy and security by design and by default, i.e. by integrating GDPR requirements into software development and by default. Traffic to the Signalethic portal is encrypted ‘in transit’ while data stored in the platform is encrypted ‘at rest’ (meaning also in the database).

To protect your reports, below you will find some practical tips; make sure you follow them for better IT security and to protect the anonymity/confidentiality of your report:

  • to file reports or to consult reports that you have already filed, use private devices over which you have control;
    use an incognito navigation window if possible;
  • keep your credentials in protected places where there is no risk of sharing them with anyone;
  • ensure that you do not report on or access the Signalethic portal in public or in places where your screen activity can be seen by others;
  • only access the Signalethic portal via a secure internet connection and a private network so that your internet traffic is protected before it reaches the platform.